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Welcome to my own website! I hope that my artwork can make you smile, bring you happiness or any other positive feeling inside while looking at them! 

The best is always to look at a painting in real but I hope this site can create an interest in you into my work and might bring you to come see and feel them in real somewhere around the world.

Wishing peace for all beings of the universe.



Didier Paré, a young artist from Québec, born in 1983, is an art and music lover since his most loving childhood. He has always been very sensitive about colours and sounds.  . In the course of his College studies, he discovered some techniques but needed more to fulfill himself as an artist. A few years later, François Trottier, a well known international artist, showed him how to free himself of his emotions and not to be afraid of the artistic circle, by spending some times painting with him. Then Didier learnt by himself how to play with spatulas, trowels, acrylic paint, oil paint, charcoal pencil, Indian ink, gouache , to transpose his emotions & feelings of instant. Mr. Trottier is still his mentor even if they spent few time together and lost of view since this time.


Didier is travelling around North America & some islands in the south and it helps him to discover a wide diversity and numerous nuances of colours, to feel the power and strength of it.  He meets artists of everywhere in the world and exchange knowledge with them. One of them , Nelson Young, one of the most popular artist in Belize, have share some times discussing techniques and colours with him.


Sensitive, unprompted,  Didier makes us to discover a new vision of painting. A detail, a colour, brings the observer in the imaginary world of his own personality that gets him to see thru his own eyes, a unique vision and feel a big personal emotion. He likes to create paintings that would make all persons of this world to live great emotions. 


His first private view in Les Caves St-Joseph in Montreal, Canada motivated and inspired him. Than some restaurants asked for his paintings to decorate the place, some chic boutiques took his work as an art collection decor, even two full-length film used his paintings. Still doing photo shoot and art gallery exhibitions in Canada, Didier brings his art to United States to share his own vision of our fantastic world.


His paintings reflects his passion and personal liberation. To receive people comments, to see them vibrate at his art work, this is what makes him alive, believe in himself. and the passion of art.





My work is all about
colours and textures.

Here's few macro pictures of few of my artworks so you can enjoy the quality of the art and the textures even if your not in front of the painting itself. 





Affordable Art Fair Brussels - February 21th - 27th 2013

Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam - October 25th - 28th 2012

Open Art Fair Utrecht - September 11th - 15th 2012

Affordable Art Fair Brussels - February 9th - 12th 2012

Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam - May 12th - 15th 2011

Affordable Art Fair Brussels - February 25th - 28th 2011

Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam - October 28th - 31st 2010

Open Art Fair Utrecht - September 8th - 12th 2010

Live Fund Raising Foundation Sun Youth Montreal, Canada August 21st 2010

Affordable Art Fair Paris - May 27th - 30th 2010

Millionaire Fair Amsterdam - May 27th - 30th 2010

Art Monaco 2010 - April 29th - May 2nd 2010

Art Expo New-York - February 25th-29th 2010

Affordable Art Fair Brussels - February 11th - 15th 2010

Affordable Art Fair Paris - June 4th - 7th 2009

Art Expo New-York - February 26th - March 2nd 2009

Affordable Art Fair Brussels - February 12th - 15th 2009

Solo Exhibition @ Studzio Montreal - May 2009

Art Expo New-York - April 2008

Solo Exhibition @ Radio-Canada Montreal  - February 22th 2008

Galerie L’Art d’Aimer - September 2006 - March  2007

Solo Exhibition @ Loft St-Ambroise Montreal - 22 October 2005

Windows for Le Chateau Store Quebec city - June - July 2005

Exhibition with Francois Trottier, Jean-Charles Boudrias Montreal - July 2003








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